Best Travel Insurance Policy in India

Have you been planning to travel to your dream destination? Are you looking for ways to make your trip protected? If yes, then travel insurance is something that you can’t afford to ignore. Take a look at the best travel insurance policies in India to get the most suitable and comprehensive coverage for your upcoming trip.

Buying the best travel insurance policy in India will make your trip hassle-free. It not only covers medical expenses but also provides you with tons of other advantages. The long list of different insurance plans can often create confusion and you will probably finalize a plan that is non-committal at all.

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To solve your problem of selecting the best travel insurance policy in India, our team researched and brought some of the best plans that you must consider while planning your vacation. Before you move ahead to compare different plans and finalize one, it is important to grab some other useful information, such as - things you should consider while and before travelling, how travel insurance can benefit you, and the several types of travel insurance plan in India. Also, do not forget to check the strategy to compare and select the best plan for your trip.

Best travel insurance policy in India

Types of Best Travel Insurance Policy In India

To make your journey hassle-free, it is important to get a travel insurance plan. But what is more than this is to acknowledge the several types of plans offered in India. These plans are designed as per the requirement of different ages of people and their profession such as plans for children, students, senior citizens, adults, etc.

Based on Geographical Borders
  • International Travel Insurance Plan

    As the name suggests, this type of insurance policy covers the protection of people who are travelling overseas. In this type of travel insurance you will get coverage for Medical expenditures, evacuation, loss of passport or checked luggage, hijack, delay in the trip, delay of luggage, personal liability, cancellation of a trip, emergency dental services, urgent cash advance, loss of your important documents, and personal accident allowance. There are some insurers who offer home insurance coverage also for the traveller as a part of their insurance policy.

    To get an international travel insurance plan, one must fulfil the eligibility criteria. To avail of all the benefits of this plan, travellers should be citizens of India. For international travel, ICICI Lombard, HDFC Ergo, Royal Sundaram, Reliance Insurance, and Bajaj Alliance are some of the top companies which provide the best travel insurance policy in India.

  • Domestic Travel Insurance Plan

    Domestic travel insurance plans are designed for people travelling in the geographical borders of the country. There are a lot of people who give less or no importance to domestic insurance plans as compared to international travel insurance plans. If you are one of them then you must know that risk may arise during domestic travel also. Therefore, it is always good to safeguard yourself to enjoy the trip to the fullest. It becomes extremely important when you want to protect yourself from unwanted medical and personal accountability at the time of your trip.

    This type of travel insurance plan will protect you as well as your family from the unpredicted financial emergencies at the time of travelling across Indian states only. This will cover personal accident finance, loss of baggage, and provide medical expenditures for the travellers.

  • Schengen Travel Insurance Plan

    It is another overseas travel insurance plan that covers people travelling in Schengen countries (26 European countries that have put an end to all types of passports and started working with a common visa policy). With this plan, you can get coverage for travelling in a single or multiple Schengen countries.

    This will also safeguard travel from any unexpected emergencies that may lead to financial damages. The common coverages that come under this Schengen Travel Insurance Plan are medical coverage, loss of documents, loss of baggage, personal accident, delay in the trip, delay in the arrival of baggage, and an allowance for accidental death during a trip.

  • Based on the type of Travelers
  • Family Travel Insurance Plan

    This plan works well when you are travelling to overseas countries with your family. A person can take the type of insurance for the whole family which covers the policyholder, his/her partner, children (who are dependent), and in some cases parents of the policyholder also. Stay safe and enjoy the trip peacefully with your family by getting insured with the best travel insurance policies in India.

  • Student Travel Insurance Plan

    As the name depicts, an insurance plan that is student-friendly. This means those students will be benefited who are Indian and travelling abroad for further studies. Such plans usually come with a validity of 2 years which can be extended as per the requirement. Along with providing the basic coverage, this will also benefit the students with any kind of interruption in the study, medical emergencies, bail bonds, and protecting the sponsorships.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

    As all of us want to travel hassle-free across the world to make some pleasant memories and senior citizens are no more excluded from that. They also want to travel and relax without getting worried about their health. To fulfil their wish, a lot of companies have introduced the best travel insurance policies in India for senior people.

    These companies have prepared travel insurance plans for people who are above 60. This also safeguards travellers from unforeseen emergencies like dental conditions, medical expenses, the return of mortal remains, loss or delay in checked luggage, etc. It is similar to international travel insurance plans with some conditions.

    These were some of the common types of travel insurance plans. Along with this, you will generally find group, individual, single-trip, and multi-trip insurance plans which are somehow similar to the plans based on types of travellers.

    As now you are well aware of the different types of travel insurance, it is time to learn the strategy to select the best travel insurance policy for you.

travel insurance policy

How to choose the correct travel Insurance Company

We are living in the era of the internet where one hardly requires a full minute to buy or order something online. You are just a click away and your product is at your home. The same applies to insurance policies also, you can easily get a travel insurance policy online. What makes it challenging is to pick the best one among the thousands of available travel insurance companies. To ease you from this hassle, we have jotted down some tips below, make sure to consider them while buying one for you.

  • Compare Different Plans Online

    You will find almost all the top travel insurance companies on online platforms. Comparing different products on a single window has become much easier. Make sure to check the benefits, covers, and insurance offered. After thoroughly checking them compare what suits best your needs and which is beneficial for you. If you are new and don't understand the term, then you can also take the help of free consultation services that many companies provide. Such services are designed to help people like you so that you understand everything clearly.

  • Check for Medical Expenses

    Checking this point becomes extremely important when you are travelling overseas. There are many American and European countries where medical expenses are a bit steep. If you have not planned your trip carefully you may need to break the bank. Having an international travel plan acts as adequate security for you and your family and provides the freedom to enjoy peacefully. Make sure to check all your requirements before your zero down a policy.

  • Explore all the Features

    In general, you will find equal features in the similar offerings of all the companies. What additional thing you need to check is the coverage provided by different companies. Ensure you have read all the additional cover information properly. Sometimes a little tricky or technical, we would not suggest you avoid this. Instead, take help from the customer care department and clear your confusion.

  • Financial Capacity

    If you find any insurance company which is ready to offer you a low premium rate then you must cross-check its financial capacity. The company you are finalizing must be able to reimburse your bills so that you can get proper help at the time of emergencies. Therefore we recommend you to take a look at the below-given list of the best travel insurance policies in India that are well researched on each aspect.

Best Travel Insurance Companies in India

No need to get stuck more with the research part for searching for the best travel insurance policy in India. We have done this work for you. Have a look -

  • Aditya Birla Travel Insurance

    Aditya Birla Travel Insurance company has tried to cover everything that is essential for making your trip safe and tension-free. It is part of the brand Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers Limited. In this policy, you are not required to check for any eligibility criteria and also there is no pre-health policy checkup.

    This plan includes different medical treatments and will also provide you with expenses for repatriation. Along with this, the company will pay your trip delays or cancellation charges, loss of luggage or important documents, and provide expenses for accidental death or disability.

  • Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

    It is one of the big brands present in the insurance market. Having a presence in more than 130 countries, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance has continuous claim assistance and customer support of Bharti assist global to serve you anytime. If you have a Bharti Axa Travel Insurance Plan, you will not be required to perform any kind of medical test for up to 70 years. This brand offers you three different Schengen Travel Insurance plans along with 2 other plans for worldwide and overseas travel.

    You will get all kinds of medical expenses that include repatriation also. Plus if there is a need to hospitalize, you will get a regular allowance for up to 7 days. It doesn’t cover any kind of treatment for pre-existing disease, cosmetic surgery, and such disease that could be delayed.

  • HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance

    You will get a variety of travel insurance policies at the HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance that includes your medical expenses from $30,000 - 500,000. This brand is known for its world-wide cashless hospitalization network of more than 8 lakh hospitals which is sufficient enough to provide you with good quality service in any country of the world. With this, it is the only company having contingency travel benefits of up to $3000.

    There are five best travel insurance plans categorized as - Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It doesn’t cover pregnancy and childbirth-related claims.

  • SBI General Travel Insurance

    SBI general insurance is considered one of the best international travel insurance. It provides a medical cover of up to $500,000 with a condition to include only those medical cases which are added to the list if the nature of an emergency. There is a service of automatic period extension up to 7 days if the delay occurred because of public transport service. If the policyholder is providing the authentic reasons for the delay then he/she will get an extension facility of up to 180 days. This also comes with a condition that the overall period of travel should cross the set limit of days that is 270 days. With this, you must know that you will not get any kind of pay off or reimbursement if you are travelling against the doctor’s advice or are participating in adventure sports.

  • Reliance General Travel Insurance

    The brand reliance is known for its extraordinary services such as it provides worldwide cashless hospitalization. There are several plans designed for different regions which can also be customized as per the requirements. You will get instant travel insurance without undergoing any medical treatment. Make sure to disclose the seriousness of your disease and other pre-existing medical conditions as you will not receive a claim for this. The brand has categorized 4 major travel insurance plans that are - standard, silver, gold, and platinum.

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