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A Two Wheeler Insurance is very much beneficial to get insurance cover for the two wheelers. It is very much helpful in covering all the damage, which occurs due to third-party, accident, or theft. In other words, 2-wheeler insurance is beneficial in protecting motorbike.
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What is two wheeler Insurance?

As its name describes that it is the type of insurance, which is only beneficial for the 2-wheelers. It is very much beneficial in overcoming all the damage on 2-wheelers, which can be caused due to many reasons including road accidents, or even natural disasters.

The Two-wheeler insurance introduced in India after the Motor Vehicles, 1988. The IRDAI or insurance regulatory development authority is the one, who take care of all the insurance products all across India.

As the rule, all the 2-wheelers across India must need to have insurance policy.

Benefits of Two wheeler insurance

The Two wheeler insurance plan is very much beneficial in providing financial cover to the vehicle, rider, and even pedestrian. Besides this, there are many other benefits of 2-wheeler insurance, which includes.

Free from Financial stress

As you will get the 2-weeler insurance, then there will be no financial stress if in the case, your car meet any accident or due to theft.

Offers Legal Protection

In India, it is vital to carry an insurance policy while you are riding your vehicle. It will help you in avoiding the penalty for it. It automatically helpful in legal protection.

Easily get personal Accident cover

While you have insurance plan, then you will get accident insurance cover for around Rs15 lakhs. A policy holder, can easily have its advantage, if in the case, he or she got died or got permanently disabled.

Peace of Mind

As there are many things, which are covered under the insurance plan it make the policy holder to have a peace of mind.

Some of the types of the two wheeler Insurance

Third-party Liability Insurance

Getting the third-party liability two-wheeler insurance is very much important in India. It is the policy, which covers all the things like loss or damage, which occurs on the vehicle. Moreover, it also covers the personal accidental insurance to the rider. But it does not include the cover, which occurs due to theft.

Comprehensive Policy

The comprehensive policy is the one, which covers all the damage on the 2-wheeler. It also cover all the damage, which can be own damage or third-party damage, or by the insured vehicle. Moreover, you do not get worried in the case, if your vehicle got stolen as everything will be covered in this plan.

What is two-Wheeler Third Party Liability?

It is beneficial in the case, when the damage is caused by the insured bike to the other’s vehicle or on the other’s property. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is vital to have this insurance plan in India.

Things covered within the two-wheeler third party liability plan

  • Get the benefit from the unlimited liability cover, if third-party dies or got injuries.
  • It covers all the damage to the third-party up to Rs7.5 lakh
  • Money of Rs15 Lakh is provided to the person, if there will be death of total disability occurs for driver or owner and all the things will be covered under owner-driver personal accident cover.

Things, which are not included within the two-wheeler third party liability plan

While you are going to choose the third-party liability plan, then it is very much important for you that you should understand about the exclusions of the plan

  • If the loss or damage occur due to war or any other war like situation.
  • In the case, if any damage occur due to the usage of the nuclear weapons
  • If a person damages his or her vehicle, then it will not included within the cover.

What is two-wheeler comprehensive plan?

In the case, if your insurance two-wheeler damages third-party, which result into the death or permanent disability of the person. Moreover, it also includes the cover which occurs due to the loss of vehicle or due to theft.

Things which are covered within the comprehensive two-wheeler plan
  • Third-party cover
  • Third-party property damage cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third-party liability cover
  • Own damage
Things which are not included within the comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance
  • If the damage occur after the expiry of the insurance plan
  • If a person, is driving without valid license
  • If a person is using his private 2-wheeler for his commercial usage
  • If a driver is riding vehicle while consuming alcohol or while having drugs

Why comparing the two wheeler insurance is beneficial?

Comparing two things with each other is always beneficial. It is very much helpful in having an idea about which is better. So, in the case comparing two different 2-wheeler insurance plans helpful in checking about which one is better.

Things that you will learn, while comparing 2-wheeler insurance plans
  • Helpful in comparing premiums for both of the plans
  • Let you in having an idea about the add-on covers
  • You will learn about the cashless network garage lists

Frequently asked Questions about two Wheeler Insurance Plan

We know you are having a lot of doubts in your mind related to 2-wheeler insurance plan, but you do not worry as we are here to give an instant answer to your problem.

How I can check for the status of my 2-wheeler insurance plan?

Checking the status of the 2-wheeler insurance is very much easy. Follow all the steps below to have a quick idea about it.

  • Using your login details, login to the official website of insurance services provider
  • You can access all the services with the help of the mobile app
Is there any way to get the photo copy of the insurance policy?

Yes, you can easily have a photo copy of the insurance policy online. To get all the details you have to login to the official website of the insurance services provider.

How to get claim for the insurance?

To get the claim of your 2-wheeler insurance, you need to consult with the insurance services provider. In some of the case, you have to consult with the police.

What are the benefits of getting 2-wheeler insurance online?
  • Paying for the policy is very much easy with the help of the internet banking
  • While choosing 2-wheeler insurance online, then there will be less paper work.