COVID-19 returning to work: Don’t you have HEALTH INSURANCE then go get it now

As we know the entire world has been battling a healthcare crisis for the past 2 years, which has also resulted in a serious economic and social crisis. But after a breather, a new wave of COVID-19 has become visible again. And this situation has proved to be very frightening for all of us, so there hasn’t been a better time than this to know the importance of health insurance.

What is COVID-19?

According to WHO (The World Health Organization), coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which results in a variety of illnesses like common cough and cold, pneumonia, lung disorders, kidney problem, and multi-organ failure. Anyone of any age can get sick with this disease and become seriously ill or die.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is insurance coverage that covers all the medical as well as surgical expenses of an individual. It is a contract between an insurance provider and an individual wherein an insurance company agrees to compensate for the medical and surgical expenses incurred during the policy tenure. Health insurance is coverage that provides benefits in monetary terms for the sickness or injury of an individual. It includes medical expenses, disability, loss from an accident, and accidental death. To avail of the coverage benefits of the policy, the policyholder is required to pay a specific amount from time to time as a premium. The insurance premium is decided by an insurance company and the policyholder needs to pay the same amount on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis without any lapse. If the policyholder fails to pay any premium then he can lose the renewal benefits of the insurance policy.

Importance of Health Insurance Policy

In India, healthcare expenses are rising day by day, and for anyone, these healthcare expenses can prove to be dangerous for your savings. So, to protect yourself and your family from these expenses so that you do not get burdened immediately, that’s why everyone should get an insurance policy.

1. Protect your savings: – The biggest worry now is the cost of COVID-19 treatment and hospitalization. Sudden illness can give you a lot of stress mentally and physically. On top of that if you are not financially stable it will give you more burdens. No one would like to face any problem in his/her treatment due to a lack of funds. If you have health insurance you can preserve your savings so that you can use them for other important purposes.

2. Protect/Shield your family: – Whenever you seek to take health insurance, then consider a policy in which you can secure your entire family rather than taking separate policies for everyone. In today’s time buying appropriate health insurance for one’s dependent family members has become a necessity. A family insurance plan covers your loved one inexpensively and you will not need to take too much stress in difficult times. Family health insurance will allow you to pay a single amount for all the family members rather than paying premiums for multiple policies.

3. Quality treatment: – Your health and recovery are totally depending on the quality of treatment you are getting.  It is said that the reputed private hospitals are generally known for the better and fast recovery of the patients. As private hospitals have the latest equipment and best services for their patients. And treatment in private hospitals always comes with very long bills. But with health insurance, you get the benefit that when such time comes you can have a quality treatment for yourself and for your family in a reputed private hospital without any stress of expenses.

4. Tax benefit: – Under section 80D your health insurance premium is tax-deductible. Individual who is under the age of 60 years can claim a tax benefit, in which he/she can claim a deduction on premiums up to Rs.25000 paid for a health insurance policy. Tax benefit can never be the single reason for anyone to buy health insurance but it’s definitely a noticeable one.

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 Types of health insurance policies we offer: – We offer 11 different types of policies for you. You can choose any policy which you think fits the best to you.



  1. Basic Health Plans: – Basic health insurance plans include all the things related to hospitalization, accidents, day-care procedures, critical illness, and surgical remedies.
  2. Super top-up health plans: – As its name suggest that this is supplementary to the basic health insurance plan. It makes the insurer pay an extra amount of money on the regular health plan to get extra benefits from it.
  3. Benefits of health insurance plans: – Health insurance plans are always doubtful, and a person faces many concerns about the things included in health insurance.
  4. Daily or occasional check-ups: – Health check-ups are very common, and on average, a patient spends thousands of money on check-ups. But with the help of the best health insurance plans in India, you can easily claim the expenditure that occurs on that.
  5. Ambulance cover: – During an emergency, taking a patient from one place to the other can be costly. But along with the help of a health insurance plan, you can easily cover all that expenditure.
  6. Paying hospital cash: – You will be amazed to know that the expenditure on food, stay, and other things are also included in the health insurance plan. Moreover, it also consists of compensation for the loss of income due to health issues.
  7. Vaccinations: – Claim all the money that is incurred on the major and a minor vacation with highly-beneficial health insurance plans.
  8. Health emergencies: – Health emergencies are never informed, but when it comes, then it makes a person to spend a lot of money on it. Fortunately, you do not get worried as you can easily claim that with full health insurance plans.
  9. Stress-free option: –While you are opting for health insurance, you will not worry about finance during any health emergency. So, choosing health insurance is a stress-free option.
  10. Tax benefits: – You can quickly grab the benefits of the tax while you will buy health insurance. For instance, you can save thousands of money on the tax while opting for the premium health insurance plan.
  11. Get timely and best health services: – During a health emergency, it is hard to find out the best health services provider. But after having health insurance services, you will always get the best health care services at an affordable price.


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