Misfortune happens anytime, anywhere and to anyone: To fight back protect your car and get car insurance      

The road after an accident is not easy. According to a report by World Bank, there are 53 road accident that happens every hour and 1 death every four minutes in India. Car accidents are very common in India because of the bad transport infrastructure and poor condition of roads. Include third party liability, and accidents because of human faults That is why car insurance is very important for every car owner. Buying a car always leads to the celebration, therefore getting car insurance is the right step to safeguard this celebration and ensure continued pleasure.

Car insurance is a contract between the car owner and an insurance company where the insurance company protects you against financial losses in the event of theft or accident.

In simple words car insurance is your car protector, if you face any problem with your vehicle it will help you in the following situations: –

  • Provide financial protection against physical damage.
  • Bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions.
  • Damage by accident, fire, lightning, external explosion, theft, or malicious act.
  • Liability for third-party injury/death.

Why car insurance is beneficial for you: –

Car insurance can help you to handle a lot of these headaches.

  1. Damage or loss of vehicle: – Accidents can cause damage to your vehicle and even the property of a third-party vehicle. In case your vehicle is damaged due to an accident, fire, lightning, or self-ignition and if you have car insurance then you are protected. Other than this, if your car suffers from losses like theft etc then your insurance policy cover this also. With a good insurance policy, you can rest assured that the policy will pay for the expenses and you will not require paying from your pocket.
  1. Personal injuries: – Apart from vehicle damage accidents can also cause personal injuries and at times it can be severe. Another advantage of having car insurance is that some policies also provide personal accident covers but its amount will be pre-determined so that you don’t have to pay for the treatment of a person who is suffering from injuries due to an accident.
  1. Third-party liabilities: – If your car had an accident those results in damage or loss of property of any third party, it is covered under the insurance policy.

What car insurance company does not cover in your policy: –

Things that involve risks are not covered in a car insurance policy. These exclusions are always clearly mentioned in the insurance policy. It is very important for policyholders to know these policy exclusions so that they are prepared if an accident occurs.

Permanent Exclusions:

Here are some of the exclusions which are permanently not covered by standard car insurance: –

  • Damages are caused due to the excessive usage (beyond the limit) of the car.
  • Damages experience while using the car for illegal purposes.
  • Cost of car coolants, nuts, petrol, bolts, etc.
  • Willful damages caused by the owner.
  • Damages to the car engine due to oil leakage.
  • Accidents were found to be fraudulent by the insurance company.
  • Damages caused to the car in an accident while the person driving do not have a valid license.
  • Damages are caused to the car while a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Types of car insurance policies we offer: –

  • Comprehensive Car insurance
  • Third-party car insurance

Comprehensive Car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is helpful in claiming all the damage, which occurs to your car as well as the third party’s car. If you are looking to cover all the damage, which can occur to the car during an accident or natural disaster, then comprehensive car insurance is very much beneficial for you.

Some of the things, which are included in the comprehensive Car insurance, are:

  • Own damage premium
  • Third-party premium
  • Goods and services tax
  • Charges that occur on additional cover

Third-party car insurance

The third-party car insurance can be claimed by the third party and even on their property. Getting third-party car insurance becomes mandatory today.

Some of the things, which are covered under the third-party car insurance

  • Goods and service tax
  • The basic third-party premium
  • The premium for personal accidental owner-driver cover


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