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What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance or motor insurance is beneficial for trucks, cabs, and other 4-wheelers. The car insurance is very much helpful in claiming the finances, which occur due to accident, or any physical damage on the vehicle.

Why is Car insurance beneficial?

Car insurance is very much beneficial for a person in claiming the cost, which occurs due to an accident. In the case, if a car or a vehicle gets damaged due to an accident, fire, or anything else, then an individual do not need to pay any single penny on it as with the help of the car insurance they can claim everything.

Secondly, if you are having car insurance, then you can have an advantage from the personal accident cover. It will be very much beneficial in providing claim against permanent or total disability or even death during an accident.

There are several garages, which covered under the car insurance, where you can get the benefit from the cashless services. So, whether you got minor or major damage to your car, you can easily grab the benefit from car insurance.

Types of Car Insurances

Comprehensive Car insurance

The comprehensive car insurances helpful in claiming all the damage, which occurs on your car as well as the third party’s car. If you are looking to cover all the damage, which can occur on car during accident or natural disaster, then the comprehensive car insurance is very much beneficial for you.

Some of the things, which are included in the comprehensive Car insurances, are:

  • Own damage premium
  • Third-party premium
  • Goods and services tax
  • Charges that occur on additional cover
Third-party car insurance

The third-party car insurance can be claimed to the third party and even on their property. Getting third-party car insurance becomes mandatory today.

Some of the things, which are covered under the third-party car insurance

  • Goods and service tax
  • The basic third-party premium
  • The premium for personal accidental owner-driver cover

Things included in the car insurance plans

  • All the damage, which occur on the car
  • Compensation is provided to the affected person if a person gets disabled or dies due to an accident.
  • Damage is also compensated if damage occurs due to natural disaster.
  • Coverage is provided to a person if the car gets damaged due to any other person or terrorism.

Things excluded within the car insurance

  • If the vehicle gets damaged due to the consumption of alcohol
  • Damage occurs, while a person is not carrying a valid license

Ways that can help you in saving money on the Car insurance plan

Be an AAI member

After becoming an AAI or automobile association, you can get a concession on your damage premium

Choose no claim Bonus

While you are choosing no claim bonus, then you can easily avail a 50% concession on your premium after every consecutive year.

Always choose genuine IDV

If you choose a genuine IDV, then you will need to pay less on your premium payment.

Advantages of getting car insurance

Go Cashless

Go cashless while you are paying for some of the garages across India. The insurance services provider is the one who will pay for that.

Include Own Damage

While you are choosing the comprehensive car insurance plan, in the case if any damage occurs to you in an accident, then you can easily claim that as well.

The easy and effortless claim settlement process

After completing the process of verification, all the method of claim settlement can be easily done with the help of the easy and effortless claim settlement process.

Includes third-party damage

If you want to get a claim on the third-party damage or the third party property damage, then you can quickly get that with the help of car insurance plans.

What are the benefits of comparing car insurance?

Are you ignoring to compare the car insurance plans? If yes, then here we want to let you know about the benefits of comparing car insurance plans.

Get customized policy

Depending on your needs and budget, you can easily customize your policy. You can select what types of car insurance you require and add also add new add-ons into that.


While you will choose any of the insurance services providers, then you can easily get a discount from the services provider. The discount varies from one services provider to the other one, so you can learn about the discounts only if you will compare the plans.

Avail better premium rates

Not all the insurance services provider offers premium rates at the same price. So, you can learn about all the things only if you will compare them.

Why compare car insurance plans online?

Comparing the price of two things is always beneficial and makes us in saving money. So, this all happens in car insurance plans, where you have to compare the car insurance plans to save your money and get the best plans. So, let’s catch all the benefits of comparing car insurance plans online.


While you are comparing the car insurance plans, then you can easily check what the things that are covering in a particular insurance plan are. You can also check what the things that particular insurance services provider is offering to you are.

Save Money

As we have discussed earlier, while comparing the insurance plan, you can easily save your money. While comparing, you can easily get free quotes from the insurance services provider.

Check out all the options available

While you are comparing the insurance plans, then you will come across the number of options which are available with the particular plan and select the one, which suit your budget as well as needs.

Why should you need car insurance?

Mandatory by law

Getting car insurance is mandatory all across the country. Even though, according to the Motor Act, 1988, all of the vehicles must have a third-party insurance plan.


Getting or renewing the car insurance is easy and time-saving, while you want to have a car insurance plan then you can easily get that online.

Make a person in staying stress-free

If you get a car insurance plan, then you will not need to get worried about the cost if in the case your vehicle gets damaged in an accident.