A Genuine Place where you can Find out the best Health Insurance Plan

Are you looking for health insurance? Are you having doubts related to how to buy health insurance, and what are its benefits?
Do you want to compare the health insurance plans, before purchasing it? If yes, then here at 1Click Policy you will get answers to all your queries related to it.
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A Genuine Place where you can Find out the best Health Insurance Plan

Are you looking for health insurance? Are you having doubts related to how to buy health insurance, and what are its benefits? Do you want to compare the health insurance plans, before purchasing it? If yes, then here at 1Click Policy you will get answers to all your queries related to it.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is the one, which covers all the medical as well as surgical expenses. It is a contract between the insurance company and an individual, where a person needs to pay an annual premium for the medical costs and all the hospitalization.

Types of Health Insurance

Basic Health Plans

Basic health insurance plans include all the things related to hospitalization, accidents, day-care procedures, critical illness, and surgical remedies.

Super Top-Up Health Plans

As its name suggest that this is supplementary on the basic health insurance plan. It makes the insurer to pay an extra amount of money on the regular health plan to get extra benefits from it.

Benefits of health insurance Plans

Health insurance plans are always doubtful, and a person faces many concerns about the things included in health insurance.

Daily or occasional check-ups

Health check-ups are very common, and on average, a patient spends thousands of money on check-ups. But with the help of the best health insurance plans in India, you can easily claim the expenditure that occurs on that.

Ambulance Cover

During the emergency, taking a patient from one place to the other can be costly. But along with the help of a health insurance plan, you can easily cover all that expenditure.

Paying hospital cash

You will be amazed to know that the expenditure on food, stay, and other things are also included in the health insurance plan. Moreover, it also consists of compensation for the loss of income due to health issues.


Claim all the money that incurs on the major and a minor vacation with highly-beneficial health insurance plans.

Health Emergencies

Health emergencies are never informed, but when it comes, then it makes a person to spend a lot of money on it. Fortunately, you do not get worried as you can easily claim that with full health insurance plans.

Stress-Free Option

While you are opting for health insurance, you will not worry about finance during any health emergency. So, choosing health insurance is the stress-free option.

Tax Benefits

You can quickly grab the benefits of the tax while you will buy health insurance. For instance, you can save thousands of money on the tax while opting for the premium health insurance plan.

Get timely and best health services

During a health emergency, it is hard to find out the best health services provider. But after having health insurance services, you will always get the best health care services at an affordable price.

Why compare health Insurance Plans?

As we always compare the price of multiple things like a mobile, electric appliance, hotels, and other items before having it. So, why not to compare the health insurance plans before having them.

Do you want to save your money on the health insurance plans? Do you want to check what others are offering on the same health insurance plan? If yes, then here, our compare health insurance plans can help you. Save your money and time on choosing the best one. So, compare the plan right now.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Learn about what are inclusions and exclusions within a particular health insurance plan. Catch what the treatments covered in a plan are and the time up to they can cover.

List of the Hospitals

The biggest thing that you should keep in mind is that not all the health insurance premiums cover all the hospitals. So, you should check what are hospitals included in that and whether they are near to you or not.

Rent for the Rooms

Rent of each of the hospital room is different, and health insurance plans cover the rent for the rooms up to the particular limit. So, you should check what the exact rent limit that it covers.

Who cannot have the benefit from health insurance?

  • A person who is having a pre-existing medical problem.
  • Health insurance cannot be covered on the cosmetic treatment
  • A pregnant lady
  • The one who tries to commit suicide
  • A person who is involved in sports activities

Why choose to purchase health insurance online?

While you choose health insurance online, such websites offer the best assistance to their customers. They are professional, educated, and having experts who are having extensive knowledge about insurance plans.
Most insurance service seekers are always worried about the payments, but while they choose the websites online, they do not get worried about the prices. They accept payment in multiple modes, and each of the ways is easy. So, choose to get health insurance online to make faster and secure payments.
The team offering health insurance online, are available 24/7 to resolve issues or problems of their customers. Even though they are available on multiple platforms, including Whatsapp, Facebook, or Phone, to handle their customers' problems.
They make their clients ease in comparing the health insurance price from multiple services providers. It makes clients in saving their money.
Getting health insurance is easy, but claiming insurance is the most challenging part. But you do not get worried as while choosing online health insurance plans, you can easily get claim assistance.
They always ensure that their clients can save their time while having services from them. If you request the price for health insurance, then they will send the details to your mail or phone number within minutes without wasting your time.

To whom our health insurance Services are beneficial?

Middle-age Persons

Old-age people generally suffer from health problems, but at this age, getting benefit from health insurance is not easy. So, it will be beneficial for you to have its benefits while you are around 18 to 30 years old.

Employees working on industry

Employees who are working on the industries having more chances of getting health problems. In this case, health insurances are very beneficial to them. If you are working in such an environment, you should contact us to have such health insurance services.

What are the benefits of 1Click Policy?

  • Get expert advice
  • The team at 1Click Policy is available to offer expert advice, which helps choose the best health insurance plan.
  • Best Post-Health insurance assistance
  • Starting from purchasing the health insurance to getting assistance for claiming the insurance, we are always available to help our clients across India.